1715-TADOB8DE | Allen Bradley Termination Assembly – 8 CH DO Duplex
1715-TADOB8DE | Allen Bradley Termination Assembly – 8 CH DO Duplex

1715-TADOB8DE | Allen Bradley Termination Assembly – 8 CH DO Duplex

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Part Number: 1715-TADOB8DE
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Part Number: 1715-TADOB8DE
Model: Termination Assembly – 8 CH DO Duplex
Manufacturer: Allen Bradley

Technical Specifications
  • Operating voltage range, supply power and/or current ratings: 0.5 A per channel @ 18…32V DC
  • Field voltage slew rate, max: 150 V/s (1),(2)
  • De-energized output voltage slew rate, max: 12 V/ms (3)
  • Energized output current slew rate, max: 0.9 A/ms (3)
  • Power dissipation:
    System: 3.0 W max
    Field Loop: 0.17 W per field loop
  • Isolation voltage:
    50V (continuous), basic insulation type, I/O ports to backplane
    No isolation between individual I/O ports
    Type tested at 500V AC for 60 s
  • Weight, approx:
    I/O base unit: 133 g (5 oz)
    Termination assembly: 133 g (5 oz), 260 g (10 oz)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D), approx: 166 x 42 x 118 mm (6.5 x 1.625 x 4.625 in.)
  • Wire size: Single 0.75…1.5 mm2 (18…16 AWG) solid or stranded copper wire rated at 85 °C (185 °F), or greater
  • Wiring category: 2 - on signal ports (4)
  • Fuse, type: 
    I/O: 10 A, 125V, Type F
    I/O Power Source: 5 A max, 32V DC, min
  • Pilot duty rating: 16VA, 1.5 inrush
  • North American temperature code: T4
  • IEC temperature code: T4
  • Enclosure type: None (open-style)

  1. Limit not applicable if all outputs are energized.
  2. Limit not applicable if perturbations are less than 2.0 Vpp or last less than 3 minutes in any 60 minute period.
  3. Limit not applicable to transgressions that last less than the process safety time configured for the module.
    Transgression of the slew rate limits identified previously can lead to channel failure that results from diagnostics that are otherwise designed to ensure channels are operating within their defined safety accuracy.
  4. Use this conductor category information for planning conductor routing as described in the system-level installation manual. See the Industrial Automation Wiring and Grounding Guidelines, publication 1770-4.1.

  • Estimated Lead Time: 3 - 4 Months
  • Shipping Weight: 2 Kg

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