1746-OBP16 | Allen Bradley 1746 Digital DC Output Modules
1746-OBP16 | Allen Bradley 1746 Digital DC Output Modules

1746-OBP16 | Allen Bradley 1746 Digital DC Output Modules

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Part Number: 1746-OBP16
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Part Number : 1746-OBP16

Voltage Category

24V DC Signal Output(1)(2)(3)(4)

Number of outputs16
Points per common16
Voltage,operating (V DC)20.4...26.4 (source)
Backplane current consumption5V DC0.250 A
24V DC0.0 A
Signal delay, max resistive load

On = 0.1 ms(5) 

Off = 1.0 ms

Off-state leakage, max(6)1 mA
Load current, min1 mA  
Continuous current per point(7)(8)1.5 A @ 30 ?C (86 ?F)
1.0 A @ 60 ?C (140 ?F)
Continuous current per module6.4 A @ 0...60?C (32...140?F)
On-state voltage drop, max1.0V @ 1.0 A
Surge current per point(9)4.0 A for 10 ms
Surge current per module(9)32.0 A for 10 ms
Electronic protectionNo

(1) Removal terminal block.
(2) Use the following ID code when configuring your system with programming software or the HHT: 1746-OB6EI = 2619, 1746-OBP8 = 2721 and 1746-OBP12 = 2921.
(3) A fused common and blown fuse LED indicator are provided on this module. See Fuse Protection and Blown Fuse Diagnostics.
(4) Certified for Class 1, Division 2 hazardous location by CSA.
(5) Fast turn-off modules (1746-OB6EI, 1746-OBP8 Series B and later, 1746-OB16E Series B and later, 1746-OBP16, and 1746-OVP16) provide fast OFF delay for inductive loads. 
     Comparative OFF delay times for 1746-OB8/1746-OV8 and fast turn-off modules; when switching Bulletin 100-B110 (24W sealed) contractor, are:  1746-OB8/1746-OV8 OFF delay = 152 ms; 
     fast turn-off modules OFF delay = 47 ms.
(6) To limit the effects of leakage current through solid state outputs, a loading resistor can be connected in parallel with your load. For transistor outputs, 24V DC operation, 
      use a 5.6 K , 1/2 W resistor.
(7) Recommended surge suppression: For transistor outputs when switching 24V dc inductive loads, use a 1N4004 diode reverse-wired across the load. Refer to the SLC 500 Modular Hardware 
     Style User Manual, publication 1747-UM011, for more information on surge suppression.
(8) Fast off delay for inductive loads is accomplished with surge suppressors on the 1746-OB6EI, 1746-OBP8 series B and later, 1746-OB16E series B and later, 1746-OBP16, and 1746-OVP16 
     modules. A suppressor at the load is not needed unless another contact is connected in series. If this is the case, a 1N4004 diode should be reverse wired across the load. This defeats the fast 
     turn-off feature.
(9) Repeatability is once every 1 s at 30 ?C (86 ?F). Repeatability is once every 2 s at 60 ?C (140 ?F).

  • Estimated Lead Time : 6 - 8 Weeks
  • Shipping Weight : 2 Kg

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