1762-OF4 | Allen Bradley 1762 MicroLogix Analog Output  Module
1762-OF4 | Allen Bradley 1762 MicroLogix Analog Output Module

1762-OF4 | Allen Bradley 1762 MicroLogix Analog Output Module

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Part Number: 1762-OF4
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Part Number: 1762-OF4
Model: 1762 MicroLogix Analog Output  Module 
Manufacturer: Allen Bradley
Condition: New & Original in Factory Packing
Factory Warranty: 12 Months

  • Model: 1762-OF4
  • Dimensions, H x W x D: 90 x 40 x 87 mm (3.54 x1.58 x 3.43 in.)
  • Approximate Shipping Weight (with carton): 235 g (8.28 oz)
  • Bus current draw, max: 40 mA @ 5V DC; 165 mA @ 24V DC
  • Analog normal operating range: Voltage: 0 10V DC; Current: 4 20 mA
  • Full scale? analog ranges: Voltage: 0 10.5V DC; Current: 0 21 mA
  • Resolution: 12 bits (unipolar)
  • Repeatability??0.12%
  • Output group to system isolation: 30V AC/30V DC rated working voltage4 (IEC Class 2 reinforced insulation) type test: 500V AC or 707V DC for 1 minute
  • Module power LED: On: indicates power is applied.
  • Recommended cable: Belden 8761 (shielded)
  • Heat Dissipation: 2.8 W
  • Wiring category?2 - on signal ports
  • Pilot duty rating: Not rated
  • Enclosure type rating: IP20
  • North American temp code: T3C
  • Vendor ID code: 1
  • Product type code: 10
  • Product code: 66

  1. The over- or under-range flag comes on when the normal operating range (over/under) is exceeded. The module continues to convert the analog output up to the maximum full scale range.
  2. Repeatability is the ability of the output module to reproduce output reading when the same controller value is applied to it consecutively, under the same conditions and in the same direction.
  3. Use this Conductor Category information for planning conductor routing.
  4. Rated working voltage is the maximum continuous voltage that can be applied at the terminals with respect to earth ground.

  • Availability: In Stock
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