1769-OF2 | Allen Bradley 1769 Compact Analog I/O Module
1769-OF2 | Allen Bradley 1769 Compact Analog I/O Module

1769-OF2 | Allen Bradley 1769 Compact Analog I/O Module

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Part Number: 1769-OF2
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Part Number: 1769-OF2
Model: 1769 Compact Analog I/O Module
Manufacturer: Allen Bradley
Condition: New & Original in Factory Packing
Factory Warranty: 12 Months

Output range
10V; 0 10V; 0 5V; 1 5V; 0 20 mA; 4 20 mA

Full scale range(1)

10.5V; -0.5 10.5V; -0.5 5.25V; 0.5 5.25V; 0 21 mA; 3.2 21 mA

14 bits (unipolar)
14 bits plus sign (bipolar)
10V DC: sign + 14 bits, 0.64 mV
0 10V DC: sign + 13 bits, 0.64 mV
0 5V DC: sign + 14 bits, 0.64 mV
1 5V DC: sign + 14 bits, 1.28 ?A
0 20 mA: sign + 13 bits, 0.64 mV
4 20 mA: sign + 14 bits, 1.28 ?A

Current draw @ 5.1V

120 mA
Current draw @ 24V120 mA

Converter type

Delta Sigma
Heat dissipation, max2.63 W
Conversion rate (all channels), max2.5 ms

Step response to 63%(2)

2.9 ms
Current load on voltage output, max10 mA
Resistive load on current output

0 500 (includes wire resistance)

Load range on voltage output

>  1k @ 10V DC

Inductive load (current outputs), max

0.1 mH

Capacitive load (voltage outputs), max

1 Deg F

Field calibrationNone required


Voltage: ?0.5% full scale @ 25 ?C (77 ?F)
Current: ?0.35% full scale @ 25 ? C (77 ?F)
Accuracy drift with temperatureVoltage: ?0.0086% per ?C
Current: ?0.0058% per ?C

Output ripple(4)

?0.05% @ 0 50 kHz


Module error

Voltage: ?0.8%
Current: ?0.55%
Offset error?0.05%
Output impedance


Open and short-circuit protectionYes
Short-circuit protection, max21 mA
Output overvoltage protectionYes
Time to detect open wire condition (current mode)

10 ms, typical
13.5 ms, max
Output response at system powerup and power down?5V DC spike for < 5 ms

Rated working voltage(6)

30V AC/30V DC
Isolation voltage500V AC or 710V DC for 1 min (qualification test), output group to bus
30V AC/30V DC working voltage (IEC Class 2 reinforced insulation)
Weight, approx300 g (0.65 lb)
Dimensions (HxWxD), approx

118 x 35 x 87 mm (4.65 x 1.38 x 3.43 in.)
Height with mounting tabs 138 mm (5.43 in.)
Slot width1
Module locationDIN rail or panel mount
Power supply1769-PA2, 1769-PB2, 1769-PA4, 1769-PB4

Optional 24V DC Class 2 power supply voltage range(7)

20.4 26.4V DC
Power supply distance rating8 modules
Terminal screw torque0.68 N m (6 lb in)
Retaining screw torque0.46 N m (4.1 lb in)
Wire size

(22 14 AWG) solid
(22 16 AWG) stranded
Wire typeCu-90 ?C (194 ?F)
Replacement terminal block1769-RTBN18 (1 per kit)
Replacement door label1769-RL2 (2 per kit)
Replacement door1769-RD (2 per kit)
Vendor ID code1
Product type code10
Product code32
Enclosure type ratingNone (open style)

  1. The over- or under-range flag comes on when the normal operating range (over/under) is exceeded. The module continues to convert the analog input up to the maximum full scale range. 
    The flag automatically resets when within the normal operating range.
  2. Step response is the time between when the D/A converter was instructed to go from minimum to full range until the device is at 63% of full range.
  3. Includes offset, gain, nonlinearity, and repeatability error terms.
  4. Output ripple is the amount that a fixed output varies with time, which assumes a constant load and temperature.
  5. Repeatability is the ability of the input module to register the same reading in successive measurements for the same input signal.
  6. Rated working voltage is the maximum continuous voltage that can be applied at the input terminal, including the input signal and the value that floats above ground potential.
    For example, a 10V DC input signal and 20V DC potential above ground at the input terminal.
  7. If the optional 24V DC Class 2 power supply is used, the 24V DC current draw from the bus is 0 mA.

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