1794-AENT | Allen Bradley FLEX I/O Ethernet/IP Adapter
1794-AENT | Allen Bradley FLEX I/O Ethernet/IP Adapter

1794-AENT | Allen Bradley FLEX I/O Ethernet/IP Adapter

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Part Number: 1794-AENT

Technical Specifications
  • I/O capacity: 8 modules
  • Power supply: 
    To comply with the CE Low Voltage Directive (LVD), this equipment must be powered from a source compliant with the following:
    Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) or Protected Extra Low Voltage (PELV).
  • Input voltage rating: 24V dc nom
  • Input voltage range: 19.2 31.2V dc (includes 5% ac ripple)
  • Communication rate: 10/100 Mbps
  • Indicators:
    Module Status - red/grn
    Network Status - red/grn
    Link Status - grn
  • Flexbus output current: 640 mA max
  • Isolation voltage:
    50V continuous, Basic Insulation Type
    Tested at 1000V ac for 60 s, power to Flexbus to EtherNet
  • Power consumption: 550 mA max, 440 mA max at 24V dc
  • Power dissipation: 7.3 W max @ 19.2V dc
  • Thermal dissipation: 24.9 BTU/hr @ 19.2V dc
  • Ethernet connector: RJ45 Cat. 5
  • Enclosure type rating: None (open-style)
  • North American temp code: T4A
  • Power conductors
    Wire size: 
    0.34 ... 2.5 mm? (22 ... 12 AWG) stranded copper wire rated at 75?C (167?F) or higher, 1.2 mm (3/64 in.) insulation max
    1 - on power ports; 2 - on communications ports
    Thermal screw torque: 
    0.8 Nm (7 lb-in)
    User Manual ENET-UM001

  1. You use this category information for planning conductor routing as described in Allen-Bradley Industrial Automation Wiring and Grounding Guidelines.
  2. For additional installation information, refer to ODVA EtherNet/IP Media Planning and Installation Manual.

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