1794-IB16D | Allen Bradley FLEX Digital DC Input Module
1794-IB16D | Allen Bradley FLEX Digital DC Input Module

1794-IB16D | Allen Bradley FLEX Digital DC Input Module

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Part Number: 1794-IB16D
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Part Number : 1794-IB16D

Number of outputs16, current, sinking
Recommended terminal base unit 
1794-TB32, 1794-TB32S, 1794-TB62DS, 1794-TB62EXD4X15
On-state voltage, min10V DC
On-state voltage, nom24V DC 
On-state voltage, max31.2V DC 
On-state current, min2.0 mA
On-state current, max1.5 mA
Off-state voltage, max5.0V DC
Off-state current, max1.5 mA
Nominal input impedance

3.1 k

Isolation voltage

50V (continuous), Basic Insulation Type
Type tested @ 2121V DC for 2 s, between field side and system
No isolation between individual channels
Output signal delay?
             Off to On
             On to Off

Refer to Input Filter Time table
FlexBus current30 mA @ 5V DC
Power dissipation, max8.5 W @ 31.2V DC
Thermal dissipation, max29 BTU/hr @ 31.2V DC
Sensor power, voltage drop, max
2.2V DC
Sensor power, current, maxSensor power, current, max
Sensor power line, short detect circuit, min
1.0 A (in 10 s)
Sensor power line, open wire detect, max

50 ?A

Detect reverse polarity voltage

Minimum 10V: Module must detect if the reverse polarity
external power supply voltage is greater than the value.

(1) Input off-to-on filter time is the time from a valid input signal to recognition by the module. Input on-to-off filter time is time from the input signal dropping below the valid level to   
     recognition by the module.

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