1794-IT8 | Allen Bradley FLEX Thermocouple Input Module
1794-IT8 | Allen Bradley FLEX Thermocouple Input Module

1794-IT8 | Allen Bradley FLEX Thermocouple Input Module

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Part Number: 1794-IT8
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Part Number: 1794-IT8
Model: FLEX Thermocouple Input Module
Manufacturer: Allen Bradley

Number of Inputs8 channels
Module Location 
Cat. No. 1794-TB2, -TB3, -TB3S, -TB3T and -TB3TS Terminal Base Units
Nominal Input Ranges-76.5 to +76.5mV

16 bits (2.38?V typical) 

Common Mode Rejection-115db @ 60Hz; -100db @ 50Hz
Common Mode Input Range
+10V maximum
Isolation VoltageTested at 850V dc for 1s from inputs and user power to logic side
Data Format16-bit 2 s complement or offset binary (unipolar)
Normal Mode Noise Rejection-60db @ 60Hz
Input Offset Drift w/Temperature

?6mV/?C maximum

Gain Drift w/Temp.
10ppm/?C maximum
Channel Bandwidth
0-2.62Hz (-3db)
Settling time to 100% of final valueAvailable at system throughput rate
System Throughput

325ms (1 channel scanned), programmable to 28ms
2.6s (8 channels scanned), programmable to 224ms
Open TC/RTD Circuit DetectionOut of range reading (upscale)
Open TC/RTD Detection TimeAvailable at system throughput rate
Overvoltage Capability35V dc, 25V ac continuous at 25?C
Overall Drift with Temperature50ppm/?C of span (maximum)
Cold Junction Compension

Range: 0 to 70?C
A-B catalog number 1794-CJC2
Channel to channel isolation+10V
Indicators1 red/green power status indicator
Flexbus Current20mA
Power Dissipation3.0W maximum @ 31.2V dc
Thermal DissipationMaximum 10.2 BTU/hr @ 31.2V dc
Keyswitch Position3

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