1794-OW8 | Allen Bradley Relay Output Module
1794-OW8 | Allen Bradley Relay Output Module

1794-OW8 | Allen Bradley Relay Output Module

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Part Number: 1794-OW8
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Part Number: 1794-OW8
Model: Relay Output Module
Manufacturer: Allen Bradley
Condition: New & Original in Factory Packing
Factory Warranty: 12 Months

Specifications - 1794-OW8 Relay Output Module
Outputs per Module: 1 group of 8 Form A isolated (normally open) electromechanical relays

Module Location:
Mounts on 1794-TB2, -TB3, -TB3S, -TBN and -TBNF Terminal Base Units.
When using 1794-TBNF terminal base unit, use 3.0A, 250V ac slow-blow fuses (Littelfuse pt. no. 239003)

Off-State Leakage Current (max at 240V ac): 1.0mA thru snubber circuit
Minimum Contact Load: 100?A at 100mV dc

Output Voltage Range (load dependent):
5-30V dc @ 2.0A resistive
48V dc @ 0.5A resistive
125V dc @ 0.25A resistive
125V ac @ 2.0A resistive
240V ac @ 2.0A resistive
If used in European Zone 2 potentially explosive atmospheres, voltages must be at or below 60V ac or 75V dc.

Output Current Rating (at rated power):
2A @ 5-30V dc
0.5A @ 48V dc
0.25 @ 125V dc
2A @ 125V ac
2A @ 240V ac
2.0A steady state @ 5-30V dc, L/R = 7ms
0.5A steady state @ 48V dc, L/R = 7ms
0.25A steady state @ 125V dc, L/R = 7 ms
2.0A steady state, 15A make @ 125V ac, PF = cos  = 0.4
2.0A steady state, 15A make @ 240V ac, PF = cos  = 0.4

Power Rating (steady state):
250W max. for 125V ac resistive output
480W max. for 240V ac resistive output
60W max. for 30V dc resistive output
24W max. for 48C dc resistive output
31W max. for 125V dc resistive output
250VA max. 125V ac inductive output
280VA max. for 240V ac inductive output
60VA max. for 30V dc inductive output
24VA max. for 48V dc inductive output
31VA max. for 125V dc inductive output

Output Signal Delay:
  OFF to ON: 10ms maximum (time from valid output on signal to relay energization by module)
  ON to OFF: 10ms maximum (time from valid output off signal to relay deenergization by module)

Initial Contact Resistance: 30m
Switching Frequency: 1 operation/3s (0.3Hz at rated load) max
Bounce Time: 1.2ms (mean)
Expected Life of Electrical Contacts: Minimum 100,000 operations @ rated loads
Flexbus Current: 69mA maximum
Power Dissipation: 5.5W
Thermal Dissipation: 18.8 BTU/hr maximum

Isolation Voltage:
  Between any 2 sets of contacts: 2550V dc for 1s
  Customer load to logic: 2550V dc for 1s
  Customer load to 24V dc supply: 2550V dc for 1s
  Customer 24V dc supply to logic: 850V dc for 1s

Fusing: Fusing of outputs is recommended. Use 3.0A, 250V ac slow-blow fuses (Littelfuse pt. no. 239003)
Indicators: 8 yellow status indicators - show status of individual outputs. If relay output bit is on, corresponding output indicator is on.
Keyswitch position: 9
Terminal Screw Torque: 7 pound-inches (0.8Nm); NEMA 1794-TBN, -TBNF: 9 pound-inches (1.02Nm)
Dimensions (with module installed): 3.7H x 3.7W x 2.7D inches (94H x 94W x 69D mm)

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