1794-TB32 | Allen Bradley Terminal Base Unit
1794-TB32 | Allen Bradley Terminal Base Unit

1794-TB32 | Allen Bradley Terminal Base Unit

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Part Number: 1794-TB32
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Part Number: 1794-TB32
Model: Terminal Base Unit
Manufacturer: Allen Bradley
Condition: New & Original in Factory Packing
Factory Warranty: 12 Months


Terminal screw torque0.56...0.79 Nm (5...7 lb-in)
Supply voltage range (max) 
FLEXBUS: 5V DC, 640 mA
I/O Terminals: 2A max
V/COM Terminals: 31.2V DC/AC, 50/60Hz, 10A

A disconnecting switch does not shut off the current. Make or break a circuit 
only under no-load conditions.
Isolation VoltageCapable of 50V (continuous) maximum, Basic Insulation Type, Field Wiring Terminals to FLEXBUS, or the lesser of the installed module.
Voltage ratingSee Working Voltage and Isolation Voltage Ratings for nominal values
Enclosure type rating
None (open-style)
Wire size0.21... 1.3 mm? (24 16 AWG) stranded copper wire rated at 75 ?C (167 ?F ) or greater, 1.2 mm (3/64 in.) insulation max
Wiring category?Established by installed module
North American temp codeT4A
Dimensions, approx.94 x 94 x 69 mm (HxWxD) (3.7 x 3.7 x 2.7 in.) (with module installed in terminal base)

  1. Use this Conductor Category information for planning conductor routing.

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