5550-113-010 | Metrix Mechanical Vibration Switch
5550-113-010 | Metrix Mechanical Vibration Switch

5550-113-010 | Metrix Mechanical Vibration Switch

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Availability: Estimated Lead Time: 4 - 6 Weeks
Part Number: 5550-113-010
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Part Number: 5550-113-010
Model: 5550 Mechanical Vibration Switch
Manufacturer: Metrix
Condition: New & Original in Factory Packing
Factory Warranty: 12 Months

Ordering Information

Model 5550 Mechanical Vibration Switch
Hazardous Area Rating 1 UL US/CA Explosion Proof , silver contacts(1)(2)
   Class I, Div 1, Groups C,D
   Class II, Div 1, Groups E,F,G
Relay Contacts 1 SPDT, Silver, 15A(1)(3)
Reset / Startup Delay Coil Holding Strength(3) 3 10g
Reset / Startup Delay Coil Voltage 0 None(4)(5)
Wiring Entry / Mounting Hole Pattern(6) 1 ¾” NPT / Metrix 5173 or 5175
Environmental Rating 0 NEMA 4 / IP66(4)

  1. Options A=0 through A=4 are only compatible with B=1 or B=2.
    Options A=5 through A=9 are only compatible with B=3 or B=4. 
  2. UL US/CA approvals require tapered threads for conduit and are not compatible with option E=4, 6, or 8. 
  3. INMETRO approvals (A=11) available with silver relay contacts only (B=1 or B=2)
  4. If left blank, option 0 is provided.
  5. When D=0 (no reset /startup delay coil), the C option is ignored regardless of which value is selected. All switches ship with a fullscale range of approximately 16gs.  
  6. Consult Figure 1 for mounting plate dimensions corresponding to E options.

  • Estimated Lead Time: 4 - 6 Weeks
  • Shipping Weight: 3 Kg

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