The MTL SD range is a series of surge protection devices combine unparalleled packing densities, application versatility, proven reliable hybrid circuitry, simple installation and optional ‘loop disconnect’ facilities – features which make the range the ultimate surge protection solution for process equipment, I/O systems and communications networks.

The exceptionally high packing densities are the consequence of an ultra slim ‘footprint’ for individual modules which can thus ‘double-up’ as feedback terminals. Each module provides full hybrid surge protection for 2 and 3 wire loop protection. 

Modules with a comprehensive range of voltage ratings cover all process related signals such as RTDs, THCs, 4 to 20mA loops, telemetry outstations, shut-down systems and fire and gas detectors. 

Optional ‘loop disconnect’, is a feature which allows commissioning and maintenance to be carried out without removal of the surge protection device. This facility is provided by the SD07, SD16, SD32 and SD55 units. In addition, a third connection on the field and safe side of the protector is provided in order to terminate screens safely.

For three wire applications the specially designed SDRTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) and the SD32T3, (for separately powered 4-20mA loops) provide full 3-wire protection in a single compact unit. The recommended choice for the protection of 3-wire pressure transducers on low power circuits is the SD07R3. 

For higher bandwidth applications, the SDR range has been developed to meet the demands of today’s highest speed communication systems. 

120V and 240V AC versions are available for I/O and power supplies up to three Amps of load current and telephone networks can be protected by the SDPSTN. 

One simple manual operation clamps modules securely onto DIN rail, which automatically provides the essential high-integrity earth connection. 

‘Top-hat’ (T-section) DIN rail is generally suitable for mounting SD modules although for adverse environments, a specially-plated version is available. A comprehensive range of mounting and earthing accessories can also be supplied, see page 7 for further details. 

SD32, SD32R, SD16R, SD55R, SD07R, SD07, SD16, SD55, SD07X, SD16X,SD32X, SD32T3, SD07R3, SD16R3, SD32R3, SD55R3, SDRTD, SDPSTN, SD150X, SD275X, MTL, MTL5514, MTL7728+, MTL7796-, SD32T3, MTL7778AC, SD32X, MTL5541, MTL5544D, MTL7756AC, ICC241,TP24/7-N-NDI, MTL5573, MTL5546Y, MTL7715+, MTL7755AC, IOP32, MTL5516C, MTL7796-, MTL7796-, MTL5546, MTL5546Y, MTL5575, MTL5531, MTL7796+, MTL5582, TP48-N-NDI, MTL5544D