Metrix Seismic Velocity Transmitter: ST5484E-152-032-00

Metrix Seismic Velocity Transmitter: ST5484E-152-032-00

Estimated Lead Time: 2 - 3 Weeks
Part Number:ST5484E-152-032-00
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Product Number: ST5484E-152-032-00

Ordering Information
  • Model: ST5484E - Seismic Velocity 4-20 mA Velocity Transmitter
  • Full Scale Range¹: 1520.5 in/sec (12.7 mm/s) true RMS
  • Housing Material & Stud Size¹: 0303 SS housing, ¼” NPT stud
  • Hazardous Area Certification3,4,5: 3ATEX, EEx ia IIC T4 Ga (intrinsically safe)
  • Connection Type³: 2Terminal Block, 2-wire²; (4-20 mA output only)
  • High-Pass Filter: 0 - 2 Hz (standard)
  • Low-Pass Filter: 0 - 1500 Hz (standard)

  1. Smaller-diameter mounting studs are not able to withstand sustained ambient vibration levels above 2.0 in/sec. Consult Table 2 for allowable combinations of A and B options.
  2. It may be difficult to connect wires to terminal blocks with the optional 8200 conduit elbow attached. It is suggested that wires be routed through conduit elbow, then landed on terminals, and then conduit elbow secured. Use of union adapter 8201 may be required. Refer to the Accessories section of this document.
  3. Hazardous Area Certifications are not compatible with all connections types. Consult Table 3 for allowable combinations of C & D options.
  4. Some approvals require instrinsic safety barriers, others requires Explosion-Proof wiring practices.
  5. ATEX/IECEx/IMETRO Ex d (flameproof) approvals (ordering option C=8 or C=6) require conduit elbow 8200-AAA-IEC, sold separately.

  • Estimated Lead Time: 2 - 3 Weeks
  • Shipping Weight: 4 Kg

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