Yokogawa Digital Indicator with Alarms: UT35A-001-10-00

Yokogawa Digital Indicator with Alarms: UT35A-001-10-00

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Part Number:UT35A-001-10-00
  • Yokogawa Digital Indicator with Alarms:Digital Indicator with Alarms, 100-240 V AC Power Supply, RS-485 communication
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Product Number: UT35A-001-10-00

Model and Suffix Codes
Model: UT35ADigital Indicator with Alarms (Power supply: 100-240 V AC)  (provided with retransmission output or 15 V DC loop power supply, 2 IDs, and 3 DOs) (without the display parts and keys)
Suffix Codes:
Type 1: Basic: -0 - Standard type
Type 2: Functions: 0 - None
Type 3: Open networks: 1 - RS-485 communication (Max. 38.4 kbps, 2-wire/4-wire)
Display language(1) -1 - English (Default: Can be switched to other language by the setting.)
Case Color: 0 - White (Light gray)
Fixed code: -00 - Always "-00"

(1) English, German, French, and Spanish are available for the guide display.

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