AV-35S | Topworx GO Switch Model 35 Limit Switch
AV-35S | Topworx GO Switch Model 35 Limit Switch

AV-35S | Topworx GO Switch Model 35 Limit Switch

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Part Number: AV-35S
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Part Number: AV-35S
Model: GO Switch Model 35 Limit Switch
Brand: Topworx
Condition: New & Original in Factory Packing
Factory Warranty: 12 Months

The GO Switch Model AV-35S includes the 35-13319M leverless limit switch plus two mounting screws. The GO Switch Model 35 has set the standard for reliable performance in valve position monitors. Not available in the original SPDT copper body or the DPDT stainless steel "Z" switch.

  • Rugged copper housing withstands physical abuse, moisture and corrosives
  • Seesaw armature provides snap action and solid contact pressure, eliminating 'contact teasing' and 'contact chatter' in high vibration applications
  • Hermetically sealed contacts enable switchbox wiring in Div 2 areas with no seal-off required
  • One model does it all-AC, DC, N/O, N/C, high current or low current
  • Snap-action response and low hysteresis provide precision position feedback
  • No lever arms, cams, or springs to wear, break or fail
  • RFI immune, consumes no power to operate, and has no current leakage or voltage drop
  • Not susceptible to contact chatter, bounce, or welding

*Replacement for GO Switch 35-13319M.

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