CL420 | Yokogawa Clamp-on Process Meter
CL420 | Yokogawa Clamp-on Process Meter

CL420 | Yokogawa Clamp-on Process Meter

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Part Number: CL420

  • Model: CL420 Clamp-on Process Meter
  • Diameter of measurable conductor: 6mm diameter max.
  • DC Current: 20 mA: 0.00 to?21.49mA (100 mA: ?21.0 to ?126.0mA) [Range and resolution]; ?(0.2%rdg+5dgt)? ?(1.0%rdg+5dgt) [Accuracy?]
  • DC Voltage OUTPUT [10mV/mA]: 20 mA: 0.0 to?214.9mV (100 mA: ?210 to?1260mV); (DCA Accuracy)+(?0.5mV) (DCA Accuracy)+(?3mV)
  • Display: 4-digit LCD Numeric display
  • Response time: Approx. 1.5 seconds (2.5 seconds when across the range)
  • Range switching: Auto range
  • Operating temperature and humidity: -10?C to +50?C 80% RH or less (no condensation)
  • Safety Standards: EN61010-1, EN61010-2-030, EN61010-2-032
  • Withstanding voltage: 2.21kV AC for 5 seconds (between the core and the case)
  • Power supply: Four AA-size alkaline batteries (1.5V LR6)
  • Battery life: Approx. 60hrs (continuous) backlight off and LED light off
  • Other functions: Data hold, Zero adjust function, Auto power off, LED Torch light, Back light display, Illuminant panel
  • External dimensions and weight: 61 (W) x 111 (H) x 40 (D) mm [Approx. 290g (including batteries)]
  • Standard accessories: User s Manual, Batteries, Soft case (93045)

  1. At 23?C ?5?C, 45% to 75%RH. Measurement accuracy: ?(% of reading + digits). Terms of accuracy: Open and close the clamp sensor after power on and perform zero adjustment.
  2. The 20mA range accuracy assurance is the average of 5 times measuring.

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