EJA115-DMS400B-22DD | Yokogawa EJA115 Low Flow Transmitter
EJA115-DMS400B-22DD | Yokogawa EJA115 Low Flow Transmitter

EJA115-DMS400B-22DD | Yokogawa EJA115 Low Flow Transmitter

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Part Number: EJA115-DMS400B-22DD
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Product Number: EJA115-DMS400B-22DD

Model and Suffix Codes
Model: EJA115Low Flow transmitter
Output signal: -D4 to 20 mA DC with digital communication (BRAIN protocol)
Measurement span (capsule): M2 to 100 kPa {200 to 10000 mmH2O}{8 to 400 inH2O}{20 to 1000 mbar}
Wetted parts material?: S# [Body] JIS SCS14A?; [Capsule] JIS SUS316L?; [Orifice] JIS SUS316
Process flange rating:  4 - 1/2 NPT female
00 : Always 00
Bolts and nuts material: B - JIS SUS630; (L capsule) 3.5 MPa {35 kgf/cm?}; (M, H capsule) 14 MPa {140 kgf/cm?}
Installation: -2 - Vertical impulse piping type, right side high pressure, manifold upside4
Electrical connection:  2 - 1/2 NPT female, two electrical connections without blind plug
Integral indicator: D - Digital indicator
Mounting bracket: D - JIS SUS304 or SCS13A 2-inch pipe mounting (L type)

The marks indicate the most typical selection for each specification.
The # marks indicate the construction materials conform to NACE material recommendations per MR01-75. For the use of SUS316 material, there may be certain limitations for pressure and temperature. Please refer to NACE standards for details.

(1) Users must consider the characteristics of selected wetted parts material and the influence of process fluids. The use of inappropriate materials can result in the leakage of corrosive process fluids and cause injury to personnel and/or damage to plant facilities. It is also possible that the diaphragm itself can be damaged and that material from the broken diaphragm and the fill fluid can contaminate the user s process fluids.
Be very careful with highly corrosive process fluids such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrogen sulfide, sodium hypochlorite, and high-temperature steam (150?C [302?F] or above). Contact Yokogawa for detailed information of the wetted parts material.
(2) Diaphragm material is Hastelloy C-276 or ASTM N10276. Other capsule wetted parts materials are JIS SUSF316L, SUS316L or ASTM grade 316L.
(3) Indicates material of cover flange and process connector. Material of manifold is JIS SUSF316. Material of vent plug is JIS SUS316 or ASTM grade 316.
(4) If necessary, specify Mounting bracket code C, D or K.

  • Estimated Lead Time: 8 - 10 Weeks
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