FLXA202-D-C-D-CB-P1-NN-A-N-LA-N-NN/UM/SCT/H6/CD4 | Yokogawa FLXA202 2-Wire Analyzer
FLXA202-D-C-D-CB-P1-NN-A-N-LA-N-NN/UM/SCT/H6/CD4 | Yokogawa FLXA202 2-Wire Analyzer

FLXA202-D-C-D-CB-P1-NN-A-N-LA-N-NN/UM/SCT/H6/CD4 | Yokogawa FLXA202 2-Wire Analyzer

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Availability: Estimated Lead Time: 8 - 10 Weeks
Part Number: FLXA202-D-C-D-CB-P1-NN-A-N-LA-N-NN/UM/SCT/H6/CD4
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Part Number: FLXA202-D-C-D-CB-P1-NN-A-N-LA-N-NN/UM/SCT/H6/CD4
Model: 2 - Wire Analyzer
Manufacturer: Yokogawa
Condition: New & Original in Factory Packing
Factory Warranty: 12 Months

Support of Up to Two Sensors
Through the installation of up to two sensors, FLXA202 realizes interruption-free measurement even during maintenance. For dual sensor measurement, the sensor modules must be the same parameter - pH/ORP and pH/ORP, SC and SC, and DO and DO. Dual sensor measurement offers additional functionalities including a variety of calculated data from the two measuring parameters, as well as, the option to program the analyzer as a redundant system.

Advanced Functions
With the FLXA202, one analyzer can accept any of four types of measurements: pH/ORP, Contacting Conductivity (SC), Inductive Conductivity (ISC) and Dissolved Oxygen (DO)Sensors with self-diagnostics capabilities. Additional functions include:
  • Continuous measurement of sensor impedance, asymmetric potential, and slope, and continuous monitoring for electrode contamination/damage, burnout, and decline in measurement liquid level (ex. pH Analyzer)
  • Online Sensor Wellness checking for predictive maintenance

Clear Touch Panel Display for Improved Operability
The FLEXASeries analyzer provides improved operability with intuitive touchscreen operation, featuring a clear display and user-friendly indication with 12 languages. A quick setup menu for immediate measurement and a display of sensor status and estimated maintenance time improve efficiency. The interactive screen is housed in a robust aluminum die-cast housing (FLXA202) or a plastic construction (FLXA21).

Modular Design for Increased Scalability
The FLEXA Series analyzer features a modular design with replaceable sensor modules, enabling the construction of a variety of systems. Users can opt to do without a display and can also select the case material (plastic or stainless steel).

Ordering Information
  • Model: FLXA2022-Wire Analyzer
  • Power supply: -D - Always -D
  • Housing (Note 1): -C - Aluminum alloy cast + epoxy coating
  • Display (Note 2): -D - Anti-glare LCD
  • Type (Note 3): -CB - IS for ATEX, IECEx
  • 1st input: -P1 - pH/ORP (Note 4)
  • 2nd input (Note 5): NN - Without input
  • Output: -A - 4-20 mA + HART
  • -N - Always -N
  • Language set (Note 6): -LA - English and 11 languages
  • Country (Note 7): N - Global except Japan
  • -NN - Always -NN
  • Mounting hardware: /UM - Universal mounting kit (Note 8)
  • Tag plate: /SCT - Stainless steel tag plate
  • Hood: /H6 - Hood, stainless steel
  • Conduit adapter (Note 9): /CD4 - 1/2NPT x 3 pcs

  1. Urethane coating is for acid resistance, and epoxy coating is for alkali resistance. For high anti-corrosion coating, both urethane coating and epoxy coating are applied.
  2. Type “-CF” is anti-reflection coated. Other types are anti-glare coated.
  3. Type “-C * ” is intrinsic safety (IS), Type “-DB” is type n of ATEX and IECEx, Type “-DD” is nonincendive (NI) of FM and CSA
    Type “-DE” is type n of CSA.
  4. This input is to be come from an analog pH/ORP sensor.
  5. When a 2nd input is selected, only the same kind of the 1st input is available.
    For example, when a 1st input is “-P1”, the 2nd input must be the same “-P1”.
    The combination of ISC and ISC is not available. And, the combination of SENCOM sensor and SENCOM sensor is not available, either.
  6. These languages are message languages on the analyzer’s display.
    One analyzer has English and 11 languages.
    All languages are as follows; English, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
  7. When an analyzer is used in Japan, it must meet the Japanese Measurement Law, please select the “-J”.
    Only SI units must be used on the analyzer and its documents in Japan.
  8. The universal mounting kit contains the pipe and wall mounting hardware (/U) and the panel mounting hardware (/PM).
  9. “/CB5”, “/CD5”, “/CF5” can use “type n” model (-DB, -DE), other model can use “/CB4”, “/CD4”, “/CF4”.

  • Estimated Lead Time: 8 - 10 Weeks
  • Shipping Weight: 15 Kg

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