RH924YA | Foxboro FCP280 Field Control Processor
RH924YA | Foxboro FCP280 Field Control Processor

RH924YA | Foxboro FCP280 Field Control Processor

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Part Number: RH924YA
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Part Number: RH924YA
Model: FCP280 Field Control Processor
Manufacturer: Foxboro

  • Performs regulatory, logic, timing, and sequential control together with connected Fieldbus Modules (FBMs)
  • Performs data acquisition and alarm detection and notification
  • Supports up to 128 200 Series FBMs, or up to 128 of a combination of 100 Series FBMs and 200 Series FBMs (with no more than 64 100 Series FBMs in this configuration) No Fieldbus Communication Module is required.
  • No Fieldbus Expansion Module is required for Expanded fieldbus support.
  • Supports self-hosting mode, which allows the FCP280 to boot itself with a valid control database even without its host workstation
  • Offers unique, patented, fault-tolerant operation using two control modules to greatly improve reliability relative to other process controllers
  • Offers on-line image upgrade (OLUG) of a fault tolerant FCP280 without shutting down the process
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) displays letterbug and real-time roles and statuses
  • Connects to The Mesh control network via standard fiber optic or copper 100 Mbps Ethernet cables

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