RTT15-T1LW4TBC-C2 | Foxboro RTT15 I/A Series Temperature Transmitter
RTT15-T1LW4TBC-C2 | Foxboro RTT15 I/A Series Temperature Transmitter

RTT15-T1LW4TBC-C2 | Foxboro RTT15 I/A Series Temperature Transmitter

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Part Number: RTT15-T1LW4TBC-C2
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Part Number: RTT15-T1LW4TBC-C2
Model: RTT15 I/A Series Temperature Transmitter
Manufacturer: Foxboro

Ordering Information
  • Model: RTT15 - I/A Series® Temperature Transmitter
  • Output Version: -T - Intelligent; Digital HART 5 and 4 to 20 mA dc
  • Input Configuration(1): 1 - Single Input; Configured for One Sensor
  • Housing and Sensor Mounting (Integral Sensor and Well): L - Universal Housing. aluminum; with Integral Sensor and Well
  • Sensor Length - Dimension U or U + T(2): W - 7.5 in (191 mm), Sensor included
  • Measurement Input Type (Software Selectable)(3): 4RTD, Platinum, 4-wire, 100 O, IEC 751 (ASTM-B Standard Accuracy), 316 ss Sheath
  • Thermowell Assembled to Housing: TB 

    Well TypeWell ConnectionWell MaterialAvailable with Sensor Length Codes
    Plain3/4 NPT External316 ssA, D, G, J, L, P, and R

  • Electrical Safety: C - CSA, Intrinsically Safe, Explosionproof, and Division 2(4),(5),(6)
  • Optional Selections - Miscellaneous: -C2Custom Database Configuration (Requires C2 Form filled out with all data specified)

  1. Input configuration can be changed in the field by changing wiring terminations and reconfiguring.
  2. Quantity of one Foxboro sensor that is listed under Measurement Input Type. Length is Dimension U or U + T as shown in the Dimensions-Nominal section of PSS 2A-1F5 A and in DP 020-462, where U is the insertion length, and T is the lagging length of 76 mm (3 in). See Note (d) below.
  3. Transmitter is configured for measurement type specified, whether sensor is included or not. User can change configuration to a different type using the appropriate configurator for selected protocol.
  4. Flameproof and explosionproof approvals and certifications not available with Thermowell Code NA (user-supplied thermowell).
  5. For HART version 7 (-H), contact Global Customer Support for availability of CSA and FM certification.
  6. With Option -L1, CSA is explosionproof only.

  • Estimated Lead Time: 6 - 8 Weeks
  • Shipping Weight: 3 Kg

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